Vehicle Illustrations

I can create stunning vehicle based artwork for your business whether as part of branding packages or clothing.

I produce consistent and high quality artwork for my repeat clients and have won awards within their businesses regarding top selling designs throughout the year. 

As the customers in different vehicle industries vary I have a comprehensive selection of illustrations to choose from ranging from looser pen doodles to complex multi layered vector artwork.   

Prices do vary depending on style and application required. 

I predominately create my artwork for screen printing and offer complimentary colour separation for my clothing or vinyl printing clients. 

If you are interested in getting a vehicle illustration please contact me using the contact form at bottom of the page, stating what you require, style preference, deadlines and budget.  I will endeavour to respond as soon as possible. 

Style Examples

1. Bold

My signature style and where I began my illustration career. The bold style is as per title so bold line weights and overall punchy aesthetic. Works for all ages and genres of vehicles.

2. Varied Brush Strokes

This style features varied brush strokes and works best with more retro styled images with that hand drawn feel. The lines are kept loose but still have some cleanliness with the taper brush strokes.

3. Realistic Vector

An extension of the Bold style featured before but using more line weight variation and adding in a colour tone variation to give more depth to the glossy bodywork. Suits more modern vehicles.

4. Doodle Pen

Single line weight but much looser style than all of the rest. Colours can be offset to give a retro vibe too. Older subjects work best with this style.

5. Shadow

Unique to a black clothing base this style focuses heavily on the black shadows present in the subject. This creates a menacing aspect to the design and works well on sporty vehicles.

6. Highlight

Similar to a shadow style with emphasise on the black clothing base colour but with bold style lines. This style is very clean and features minimal ink usage but still creates a punchy design.

7. Scribble

Replicating a pencil drawing like style the Scribble artwork works best on lighter backdrops so white t-shirts for example.

8. Doodle Halftone

Similar to the Doodle Pen style but focuses more on a colour matching outline and bold colour fills with some halftone sections to keep colours to a minimum. Suits older vehicle subjects the best.

9. Simple Outline

Ideal for budget friendly designs and utilises a consistent line weight outline to create a simple yet effective design piece.

10. Airfix Model

This style is all about the finer details and visual representation of the timeless Airfix models. Suits any subject from any era.

11. Parody

This design style varies per subject but mimics the visual features of known brands. You are responsible for any copyright infringement risks involved with this style.

12. Pixel

A retro gaming vibe style which works on lots of different levels. The subject would be drawn to mimic a low pixel count but still be high resolution for printing purposes.

Illustration Process


The initial concept is normally a rough doodle to get the composition, direction and colour choices worked out. This is then signed off and moved into the development stage to get production ready artwork.


The artwork is created for high quality industry standard printing or reproduction such as vinyl for sign writing etc. Colours are specified to ensure high accuracy for final outcome.

Ready Artwork

Signed off artwork is supplied in various formats depending on application. Most clients use screen printing for clothing as an example so utilise my complimentary colour separation service.


No matter what automotive subject and story to be told, Twain knocks it out of the park. With clear mockups, an eagerness to improve and hear feedback, and expertise to execute it all flawlessly, it's always a pleasure to work with him.

Daniel Boer (Blipshift)

An instant hit! That is how we described our latest merchandise design created by the talented Twain of Nut and Bolt Design. We have much more lined up for the future with him! Highly recommended.

Patrick Woodling (Road Crew Coffee & Cycles)

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