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Bespoke Illustrations

So how good are you?

I am a professional illustrator with over 20 years in the design industry.  I use high end Adobe software to create my final artworks which are print industry standard. My skills and qualifications paired with my strong work ethic promise only the best service and product for you. I do other work featured on my Behance portfolio website which you should check out some time too. 

Why do they take a few weeks to complete?

Each illustration is bespoke therefore tailored for you.  Each illustration is meticulously drawn to industry print standards and requires time and artistic skill. The illustrations may not take the entirety of the few weeks but this is to allow for my busy schedule as I take on a lot of work from clients from other sources too. 

How do i get a bespoke illustration?

The simple process is straight forward.  After ordering via the store listing for your desired illustration I will contact you via email to discuss your requirements. I will request the appropriate images and information required to assist me in fulfilling your order request.  You can see my design process by clicking here. I send you a design proof before printing anything to make sure you are happy. 

Why choose cycling as your main theme?

I've been an avid cyclist for pretty much as long as I can remember and can relate to most of the benefits and social aspects of this sport.  I love to draw anything to do with cycling and my passion for art in general has lead me to this point.  I do draw lots of other things but I choose to focus on cycling for my main theme in order to keep things a bit more easier for my customers and viewers.  

I would like an illustration but nothing to do with cycling, can you do this?

Yes, i have a broad skill set so can take on any design or illustration challenge.  You can see examples on my portfolio website  Just contact me with your request and ill discuss it with you. 


Printed Products Sold on Nut and Bolt Store

How do you manage to print so much?

As i am a professional freelance designer / illustrator and business owner i have my work day filled up with these associated tasks.  This limits my time to undertake printing, distribution and deliveries of products featuring my work.  That is why I used a third party printing company based in Europe and USA to take care of this.  This means I have more time to focus on creating new and unique designs and the printing company does what they excel in also. Its a win win situation for everybody.  

What is the quality like?

From personal experience i prefer to use higher quality products to give the customer a better finished product.  I understand that this can affect pricing but i have a high standard i wish to adhere too as putting myself in the customers position i would like to get, for example,  a t-shirt that i feel comfortable in and know the design wont fade quickly.  The same goes for the art prints etc.  I only specify the best printing processes to ensure they look amazing on the walls, on the desk and other locations.  You can learn a bit more about it here

Is your store safe to use?

Absolutely.  I have set up my eCommerce store via Shopify who take payment security very seriously.  You can learn a bit more about it here

Why do your products take a bit longer than usual to be sent out?

This is due to the nature of using a third party print on demand company to fulfil my printing orders.  Everything is made especially for you so nothing is stocked which can lead to a few days extra production time.  You can learn more here.  

Can i buy your products in person?

That is my dream so check out this link for more information regarding this.

I've seen similar work on, is this you too?

Yes, that is me also. Redbubble is where i started my business so still have my work listed on there as they seem to master the art of getting my work seen by lots of people.  They have their own pricing and printing structures which i leave to them.  If you want to help me out more i recommend buying anything through my own shop here. 


If you want to know anything more just get in touch through the contact form below:

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