My First Blog .... Where Do I Begin?

So i thought it would be a cool idea to start a blog and let everyone know a bit more about me, the business, and where id like this to go.  To make it easier for me to write i'll answer questions which ill use as sub headings for each aspect of starting a business and how ive came across and overcome challenges.

Who is Twain Forsythe?

Behind everything is me. I am Twain Forsythe, in my mid thirties and just love everything to do with cycling, action sports and automobiles.  I am a qualified industrial designer but self taught in everything i needed to know regarding digital illustrations and graphic design.  I believe if you want to do something there is lots of learning aids out there and Youtube was incredible during my training time.

So i have had design jobs my entire life but working for others and in certain industries the focus is all on money and not really on the actual design process and outcome.  I just never felt it was true to me and the greed etc put me off a lot of things.  Yes i understand money has to be made but there has to be a more meaningful way of doing this.  I moved from Northern Ireland to Australia around 4 years ago to seek a better lifestyle but got pulled into just making money but not really enjoying myself as much as id hoped.  I came to a cross roads and just decided the timing was right to have a go at mixing my love of bicycles with my passion for drawing.   Bad idea or good idea? Time will tell here. 

So at this point Nut and Bolt Design was going to leap from a hobby to a more full time career.  The knock on plan is to create more free time for the things i love by being my own boss.  A scary and daunting time but its always going to be like that. My vast array of design experience and abilities will come together and help me out along with my drive to succeed and good work ethic (i do work long hours but if work is fun then its not as bad) 

Well this is me with my Deus Ex Machina cap...(a brand i admire so much as their content stays true to their origins). 

Next blog will be about my direction and thoughts about where i need to be and what lies ahead so feel free to share, subscribe etc.  Ill keep it light hearted and as honest as i can.  I have a lot of experiences id like to share. 

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