Taking hobby to business...

There is always that 50:50, sitting on the fence feeling you get when making a decision that can change your life quite a lot.  I am talking mostly about giving up your free time to focus on work with the goal of working on the fun stuff full time and getting more free time.  Sounds a bit crazy and far fetched at times but lots of people i admire do it so why cant i join in. 

Mentally preparing for long hours and not seeing results for what could be months in advance is one of the hardest things to overcome but its worth having a go and seeing where determination and passion takes you.  I honestly have lost count of the amount of hours ive spent learning, making mistakes, relearning, uploading, doodling, brain storming, looking at materials, looking at profit margins etc.  But it is a good feeling learning something by yourself and progressing. 

Ok, so i was sitting with a hobby business, nothing too serious with a few on demand printers listing my designs and paying me pittance (yes that is a real word meaning little or inadequate amount of money) but always wanted more.  I am not talking about money but more development with my designs and taking it to another level.  I always thought it would be cool just seeing my stuff on a shelf somewhere or someone wearing it, thinking ''wow this is a great garment''. I am a perfectionist so naturally a homemade iron on transfer makes me cringe a little but i also had to remember to start from the bottom and work my way up. 

Before anything could be worked on the next step was to step back from the money side and just focus on getting a brand and get some people to engage with me through social media to develop ideas and end up with something cool and desirable.  I had to sign up to print on demand stores and get some proper email addresses to get away from my private twainf username accounts.  This meant i needed a business name.  Something catchy but relates somewhat to what i was doing.  So i listed my passions: cycling, cars, action sports and model building and from this started brainstorming.  I like double name brands like Abercrombie and Fitch, Bang & Olufsen and thought it would be funny to do something like that. So Nut & Bolt appeared i thought it was good to run with. 

My company logo below is simple, clear and effective but has a loose style to match my hand drawing style. 

The thoughts behind Nut & Bolt were the fact it wasn't linked to a specific subject and in a way could just be used like Apple where its not linking to computers etc.  This works if i changed subjects further down the line.  The bolt part can be a screw bolt or a bolt of lightning and also looks cool as N&B too.  I signed up nutandboltapparel.com and off i went setting things up online.  The logo was kept simple in text format using a modified version of a standard font to get things rolling. Colour scheme was kept to black and white too just to allow me to move onto the next tasks without pondering too much. 

In the next blog ill talk about what i set up and how i started looking at new ideas that i have wanted to try out for a long time.  

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