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Alright so I'm sitting with a cool domain name but need to put it to good use. The first thoughts were to just link it to my print on demand companies like Redbubble and use it as another way of generating traffic.  The problem you encounter here is you are sending potential customers to go browse other peoples work which doesn't sit well with me.  I understand it will direct them to my designs but they can always wander off with related designs from others.  The only other option is to set up my own store and show my designs direct through that.  Naturally there is more work involved but i was curious about how it worked. 

This is where i started researching eCommerce stores and compared them all by reviews, annual costs and reputation.  Shopify seemed to stand out more than the others and i always noticed larger brands with 'powered by shopify' in their footer so thought they must provide a good service.  I signed up to their free 30 day trial and set to work setting up a website.

The big thing anyone doing this will notice is its not quick and easy.  The functions are simple but the planning takes a huge amount of your time.  The free templates are fine but always look a bit generic and i judge the business as not really trying very hard if i spot them.  I bought a basic designer template to allow more future expansion and have all the features i wanted out of the box too.

The Shopify store is always evolving as i look at new products and new ways of promoting things.  I do prefer clean and straight forward websites so it ticks all the boxes for me at the moment.  The bonus of being able to design my own graphics saves me a lot of money and i dont mind being involved in every aspect of the website. 

The next blog will cover what i decided to do after making my website and naturally there was no content and i needed to make use of the new online presence. 

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